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Introduction to Conservatory of Music of Ningbo University

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The Conservatory of Music of Ningbo University was founded in May 2015and it was originally Conservatory of Art . It is an important training base for applied and theoretical music talents in Zhejiang Province.At present, the college has: Vocal Music and Dance Teaching and Research Office, Piano and Instrumental Music Teaching and Research Office, Theory and Creation Teaching and Research Office, Music Research Institute, Hu Xiaoping Vocal Music Art Center and other teaching and research institutions.

At present, conservatory of music has one undergraduate major in Musicology (Normal Speciality) (Ningbo advantage major, first-class major construction project of Ningbo University), one master's degree program in primary discipline of "Music and Dance" (key construction discipline of Ningbo University), one master's degree program in Art, and two master's degree programs in secondary discipline, namely "Music Education and Inheritance", "Theory and Practice of Chinese Folk Art" (Music direction).There are 326 postgraduate and undergraduate students , 43 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 10 associate professors, 16 with doctorates , 2 in the process of reading doctorates,1 Qianjiang scholar as Distinguished Professor and 1 Distinguished expert in Zhejiang Province.The college has invited Professor Wang Cizhao of the Central Conservatory of music and famous singer Hu Xiaoping to be professor of Baoyugang Lecture, and famous experts at home and abroad such as Du Yaxiong, Liu Yong and Gong Hongyu as distinguished professors and part-time professors.Professor Yu Zizheng, the current Dean, is the director of the Vocal Music Academic Committee of the Chinese Educational Society, the doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University, the judge of the Dutch International Vocal Music Competition and the Japanese International Opera Competition; Professor Hu Xiaoping, the famous singer, is the first Oriental singer who won the gold medal in the major international music competition of the people's Republic of China; a group of young teachers graduated from the first-class Conservatories at home and abroad, active in the domestic and foreign music stage.

In terms of teaching achievements and curriculum construction, Music and Health won the first batch of national excellent online open courses, was approved as "Mixed Teaching Pilot Project" by the Ministry of Education, and won the first batch of excellent cases of Flipped Classroom in colleges and universities of Zhejiang Province; two micro courses won the first prize of Micro Course Teaching Competition in colleges and universities of Zhejiang Province;one textbook has been approved as the "New Form Textbook" of Zhejiang Province (provincial excellent textbook); two teachers have won the special prize and the second prize in the Teaching Skills Competition of Young Teachers in Zhejiang Province, two teachers have won the special contribution award of "Sincere Teaching Fund" of Ningbo University, four teachers have won the title of "the most beautiful person of Ningbo University"; three students won the third prize in the Teaching Skills Competition of Normal School Students in Zhejiang Province, and the student chorus of Conservatory of Music won the title of "the most beautiful student of Ningbo University".

In terms of scientific research projects and achievements, there are currently 53 vertical projects, including 1 major project of Art Science funded by the National Social Science Foundation, 3 projects of Art Science funded by the National Social Science Foundation, 1 general project of the 13th Five-year Plan of the national education science, 1 project of the Ministry of Culture funded by the National Art Foundation, 7 general and later funded projects of the Provincial Philosophy and Social Planning, and 2 projects of the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund funded by the Ministry of Education , 1 postdoctoral fund, 18 municipal level topics such as the Provincial Association of Social Sciences, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Municipal Social Science Planning;5 horizontal topics,more than 60 professional academic papers have been published in core journals such as Chinese Musicology, Music Research, and People's Music; 22 academic monographs have been published and 7 have been compiled; many papers have been included in the Photocopy of Renmin University of China: Stagecraft.

In terms of academic exchanges, "China Music periodical editor's Summit Forum", "the first summit of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai music and art academy summit concert and exchange concert", 2019 "Shanghai spring" International Accordion Art Week "one belt one road"national accordion concert of Ningbo special concert and so on have been successfully organized, and all have national influence.More than 50 academic lectures on "Music Forum" were held, and experts from the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Ukraine and other countries were invited to visit and exchange. Student art troupes went to the University of Iceland to attend the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Confucius Institute of northern lights, and to several universities in Dubai and other places to hold"Enter The United Arab Emirates,listening to China - appreciation of Chinese traditional music under the vision of 'Silk Road'", which set off a wave of Chinese traditional music and showed the concept of international running of conservatory of music.

In terms of art practice, "music performance innovation team of Ningbo University" was selected as the fourth batch of "Ningbo cultural innovation team" in 2016. Under the leadership of the team leader, president Yu Zizheng, 30 special operas , concerts and music events were successively held, including Entering Opera and Listening to Classics, Music on the Silk Road,Zhao Jiping's Music Concert" and "Chinese vocal music performance of national higher art institutions" and so on.The national opera Deer's Call, the original musical Hand in Hand and the Initial Heart Rising in the Morning - Manifesto were performed in Beijing respectively.The chorus of the college has successively won the gold medal of the third Chorus Festival in Zhejiang Province, the gold medal of the 14th China Chorus Festival, the champion of group B (professional group) of Zhejiang University Students' Art Performance Chorus Competition, the first prize of the Fifth National University Students' art performance vocal music hosted by the Ministry of education, and the first prize of Zhejiang University Students' Art Performance. Our students have won the gold medal in the "Cherry Blossom Cup" International Vocal Competition in Japan, the vocal group, Piano Group, folk music group and violin competition in Singapore International Chinese Art Festival, the third "Dunhuang Cup" and "Liaoyuan Cup" national Chinese lute art elite solo competition and other competitions.


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