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Conservatory of Music Profile

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Founded in May 2015Conservatory of Music formally known as Art School, which is an important training base of applied and theoretical music talents in Zhejiang Province. At present, the conservatory has teaching and research institutions, including Vocal Music Division,Piano Division, Theory Division,Instrumental Music and Dance Division, Music Research Institute, Hu Xiaoping Vocal Music Art Center. Based in Houde Building and Zaiwu Building, the conservatory is equipped with music teaching and art practice places and facilities, such as Concert Hall, Digital Piano Room, MIDI Music Studio, North District Piano Room.

The conservatory is attentive to carry out the construction of Musicology (teacher training) major, to highlight the idea of running a school with equal emphasis on normal education and research, to introduce the advanced teaching philosophy, teaching mode and curriculum design at home and abroad, thus greatly improving the running level. It boasts 1 musicology (teacher training) undergraduate major (Ningbo dominant specialty, first class specialty construction project of Ningbo University), 1 master pilot of first-level discipline of “music and dance” (priority discipline of Ningbo University), 1 “Master of Arts” pilot; 2 master pilots of secondary-level discipline, i.e. “Music Education and Inheritance” and “Theory and Practice of Chinese Folk Art” (music direction).

At present, there are 373 full-time students and 43 teachers (including 5 professors, 10 associate professors and 18 doctors; 1 distinguished professor of Qianjiang Scholars and 1 special expert of Zhejiang Province). Wang Cizhao, Professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Hu Xiaoping, famous singer, are invited as the chair professor of Baoyugang. Famous scholars and experts at home and abroad, such as Du Yaxioing, Liu Yong, Gong Hongyu, are invited as the distinguished professor or part-time professor. Professor Yu Zizheng, the current president, is the director of vocal music academic committee of Chinese Education Association, doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University, and judge of Holland International Vocal Competition and Japan International Opera Competition; Hu Xiaoping, a famous signer, is the first Oriental singer to win a gold medal in a major international music competition in the people’ s Republic of China, a group of young teachers graduated from the international and domestic first-class conservatory of music, active in the music stage at home and abroad.

In terms of teaching achievements and curriculum construction, Music and Health won the first batch of national excellent online open courses, the Ministry of education’ s “mixed teaching pilot project”, the first batch of excellent flipped classroom cases in Colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province, Revolutionary Literary Troopers—“ideology and politics + X” education model aesthetic education won the first prize of innovation case of Ideological and political work of Ningbo University Ideological and Political Education Research Association in 2019, “One Core and Four Axes” construction of Aesthetic Education system in Local Comprehensive Universities in the Past 20 Years won the first prize of teaching achievement award of Ningbo University in 2018-2019, two micro lectures won the first prize of Zhejiang University Micro Lectures Teaching Competition; 1 textbook was approved as “new form textbook” of Zhejiang Province (provincial excellent textbook), 1 teacher won the second prize of the first “Yangtze River Delta” teachers’ Wisdom Teaching Award, 2 teachers won the special prize and the second prize of Zhejiang young teachers’ teaching skills competition, and 1 teacher won the “five-one project award” of Ningbo spiritual civilization construction, 2 teachers won the “Sincere Faculty Fellowship” teaching special contribution award of Ningbo University, and four teachers won the title of “Most Beautiful Members of Ningbo University”; 1 student of conservatory of music won the second prize of the first Demonstration of teaching basic skills of Normal University Students in “Yangtze River Delta”, The Student Chorus and “Revolutionary Literary Troopers” were awarded the title of “the most beautiful students of Ningbo University”. Revolutionary Literary Troopers: Creating the Most Influential Content Supplier of Revolutionary Songs and Dramas” won the gold prize of Zhejiang “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students and the gold medal of the Sixth China International College Students “Internet +”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Revolutionary Literary Troopers: China’ s Original Revolutionary Songs and Dramas Go to Grassroots Service of the first Troupe won the grand prize of Zhejiang Province “Challenge Cup” Entrepreneurship Plan Competition for College Students. Since 2017, the training project of famous teachers and principals of Zhejiang Province has been carried out, i.e. the training of “famous teacher and principal” in primary school music. 2 students won the third prize of Zhejiang Normal University Students’ Teaching Skills Competition. The employment rate of graduates is about 95%, and the enrollment rate of postgraduate entrance examination is about 15%.

In terms of scientific research projects and achievements, it has 56 government sponsored research projects,including 1 major project in art of The National Social Science Fund of China,3 art projects of The National Social Science Fund of China, 1 general topic of the 13th Five-year plan of National Education Science, 1 project of the Ministry of Culture of China National Arts FundProjects, 7 general and follow-up funded projects of philosophy and Social Sciences Planning in Zhejiang Province, 2 Youth Fund Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, 1 special project of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, 1post-doctoral fund, 20 departmental level or municipal level projects, including social science circles federation of Zhejiang Province, provincial department of public education and municipal social science planning, and 5 horizontal projects. Among them, 1 innovation team construction project supported by the central finance for the development of local colleges and universities was approved.more than 60 professional academic papers incore journals, including international journal, such as A&CHI, Asian Music,DownBeat, and domestic Musicology in China, Music Research and People’ s Music, in which 7 of them in class a core journals, 19 of them in category B and 41 of them in category C; 22 academic monographs and 7 edited books have been published, a number of papers were included in the China Social Science Excellence ·Stage Art.

In terms of academic exchange, it succeeded in holding “Summit Forum for Chief Editors of Chinese Music Journals”, “The 1st President Summit Forum of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Art & Exchange Concert”, 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival: “Belt & Road” national accordion concert special concert (Ningbo), they all have nation-wide influence. Held “Music Lecture Hall” series of academic lectures for more than 50 times, invited experts from the U.S., Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Ukraine to pay a visit and exchange. The student art troupe went to the University of Iceland to attend the 10th anniversary ceremony of the establishment of Northern Light Confucius Institute, went to Dubai and other universities to hold the activity “listening to China - Appreciation of Chinese Traditional Music from the Perspective of the Silk Road” in the United Arab Emirates, which made waves in the popularity of Chinese traditional musicand showed the international school running idea of conservatory of music.

When it comes to the art practice, over 40 opera special concerts, concerts and music competitions, including “Music Performance Innovation Team of Ningbo University” was elected as the fourth batch “Ningbo Municipal Cultural Innovation team” in 2016. Under the guidance of the team leader Yu Zizheng, held “Listen to classic music of opera”, “Music of the Silk Road”Concert of Zhao Jiping’ s works”, “Chinese Vocal Performance in National Art Colleges and Universities”; participated in national opera called Deer’ s Call in 2017, performed in Shanghai and Beijing Poly theatre in 2018, the original musicals “Hand in Hand” and “Morning Enlightenment of Original aspiration -Oath” moved Ningbo; Hand in Hand performance in Beijing won the excellent play, director and Composition Award of “Tianqiao Award” in 2018 Beijing musical, which was highly praised by Han Qide, former vice chairman of the National People’ s Congress and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our chorus won the gold award of the third Zhejiang Chorus Festival in 2016, won the champion of Ningbo Colleges Chorus Competition in 2017, won the gold medal of the 14th China Chorus Festival, won the champion of group B (professional group) of Zhejiang College Students’ Art Performance Chorus Competition, won the first prize of Vocal of the Fifth National College Students’ Art Exhibition & Performance sponsored by the Ministry of education in 2018, won the first prize of Zhejiang College Students’ Art Exhibition & Performance. Meanwhile, as one of the four invited choruses in China, it appeared at the closing ceremony of Dragon TV. In 2020, the original song “love will never disappear" won the title of excellent work in the MV work creation activity ofcampus anti-epidemic theme songs nationwide held by China Educational Television. The original song “Angel’ s True Love” was widely spread in Ningbo, and the small-scale musical “Ode forRed Flag - Sister Jiang” was performed in five communities in Ningbo and was well received. our students have won gold medals in lots of competitions since 2017, including Japan “SAKURA Cup” International Vocal Competition, Japan Osaka International Arts Festival, Asian International Art Festival Folk Music Competition, International Chinese Arts Festival Vocal Group, Piano Group, Folk Music Group and Violin Group Competitions, The 3rd “Dunhuang Cup” “Liaoyuan Cup” National Pipa Art Elite Exhibition & Performance Solo Competition, etc.

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